Welcome to San Antonio Diaper Service. We are a family-owned operation and the only diaper service servicing the greater San Antonio area.

We offer the following services –

Diaper Laundry  

This is perfect for families that are interested in cloth diapers but do not want to deal with the poop and washing part of it all. You can still get all the financial and environmental benefits of using cloth diapers along with the convenience of having freshly laundered and folded diapers delivered to your doorstep

* Weekly pickup and delivery right to your doorstep (If you live outside of a 20 mile radius of the city center, there may be a small travel surcharge)

* Washing of diapers according to manufacturer directions including the use of cloth diaper-friendly detergent

* Safe and effective Drying of diapers – inserts/doublers tumble dried and covers line dried.

* Diapers are freshly folded, stuffed and ready for use!

* Stubborn stain treatment – 50c for each diaper

* Starting at $20 a week for 1 child, + $10 each child after that.
If your stash is not large enough for weekly pick up/drop off, we offer a 2-3 day turnaround for $6 extra!
Weekly pick up & delivery: $20  (+$10 each extra child)
Pick up with diapers returned within 2-3 days: $26 (+$10 each extra child)

* Cost-saving Long term contracts and add-ons available.

Diaper Stripping 

Got the stinkies? We understand laundry science and can help you treat your diapers safely of ammonia and/or mineral buildup that can occur over long term use. We are also equipped to deal with special cases of yeast and other contaminants.

* Free pickup and delivery right to your doorstep (Small travel surcharge may apply outside 20 mile radius of city center)

* Free reminder scheduling for your next diaper stripping

* $30 per 20 diapers & $1 each diaper after that – please give us as much information about your diapers and what kind of issues you’ve been having, if any and the type of water you have in your home

* Optional Add-On – If you are washing your own diapers, you can make use of our In-home wash routine troubleshooting and evaluation: one of our diaper laundry consultants will come to your home to review your wash routine and test your water to give you personal recommendations.

Diaper Prepping 

Buying brand new diapers is really exciting but not so exciting is sitting by the washer and dryer doing multiple cycles to prep natural fiber diapers. We can help take that workload off your hands!

* Free pickup and delivery right to your doorstep (Small travel surcharge may apply outside 20 mile radius of city center)

* Prepping of new diapers according to manufacturer instructions – this can include multiple washing and drying cycles using the correct type and amount of detergent

* Diapers are freshly folded, stuffed and ready for use! *

Microfiber: Starting at $15  per 24 diapers & $1 each diaper after.

Natural fiber diapers: $20 per 20 diapers & $1 each diaper after.

Lanolizing Wool

If your diaper cover is a wool cover, you will need to  lanolize the cover from time to time to maintain its water resistance.Wool diaper covers have almost superhero properties. They have natural odor fighting agents and can be air dried for weeks before needing to be washed (unless they get soiled). The amazing properties of wool owe more to the lanolin in the wool than the wool itself. So, to preserve the life and durability, you should lanolize wool covers on a regular basis.
We can lanolize your wool covers starting at $10 for 3 covers.

**New Service! **
Washing cloth “chuck pads”
We now offer services to wash cloth chuck pads. If you have a bed ridden loved one you care for & would prefer to use cotton instead of the disposable pads, we will launder those for you!

You don’t need to commit to any long term service!

More often I actually do sporadic diaper service for people only when they need it! I can often get to you same day or next day & 2-3 day turnaround is $26 for diapers for one child. Got 2 in diapers? $10 extra!
If you have company coming & have too much to do, or you’re just plain overwhelmed & that diaper pail is hovering over you like Mt Doom! Let me take care of diaper laundry so you can get to other things or….heaven forbid, relax  :)
I also always sun prefolds & shells when at all possible & use lemon water to try & remove stains!

Call/text Kat today at 210-896-8650 or email 

Check back for updates!